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Re: ENTERPRISE on Blu-Ray OFFICIAL Discussion Thread

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Hmm... don't agree with this to be honest, LtChange. To my eye, the image on the ENT set veers toward the noticeably, and perhaps a little distractingly, soft far more often than I'd like. The Firefly BD's are more consistent overall, I'd personally rank them as superior - but not by a large margin.

As for TFF, although the disc certainly suffers for an over zealous application of DNR - the image is ahead of the ENT BD's and presents a sharper and more pleasing rendering. It's not a reference disc by any means though!
Honestly I watched Firefly about two weeks ago, and this was an impression. I will compare them later on like watching one after another to get a real feel, maybe I'm mistaken.

But as for TFF I must say I like better ENT compared to TFF or even TUC or SFS because of the heavy DNR used there. Sometimes it is annoying there. OK, Enterprise NCC 1701 on space on TFF or TUC looks better than the low quality renders on ENT NX-01 but the live actions scenes I think are far better on the new ENT blu-rays than the DNRed images from TFF or TUC.
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