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Re: ENTERPRISE on Blu-Ray OFFICIAL Discussion Thread

Season 1 Disc 2
Unexpected: A mediocre episode as story wise as presentation. The low quality renders show their teeth here like in Broken Bow, also the non CGI moments are pretty good.
Terra Nova: This episodes looks somehow better than the rest of the episodes until now, and the story is marginally better than Unexpected but still mediocre.
The Andorian Incident: Finally an episode where you can appreciate the blu-ray presentation as the sanctuary render looks better than on DVD. Also you can value the live action scenes better on blu-ray after you see the part when Archer comes out to test if the opening in the wall leads to the hidden passage or not. I think for some reason this scene wasn't in HD because in the moment that Archer comes out from the room and the first few seconds it looks really really horrible, it is in SD I'm sure of it, but than it reverts back to HD and the contrast is enormous.
Breaking the Ice: a good episode and it loosk good in HD with the typical problem with the CGI shots.
Civilization: I must say that I love this episode from the story point of view. As for the HD quality something has happened. The colors especially on the planet are great far better than the episodes before, and also, the new CGI renders in space looks somehow better (a trend I could see on the next episode too, but I will talk about that after I finish Disc 3). So overall I like the improvement.

Deleted scene from Unexpected: a funny one, but does not add to the story.
Cast impressions: Season 1: your usual cast impressions, where everybody recalls how they get on the show and what they liked. Nice to watch
Enterprise secrets: Fun little presentations about the background of how the show is made.

I will give a 3.5/5 stars fro Disc 2 too.
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