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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

Just finished watching the pilot. It was okay. Nothing spectacular, but enjoyable and it kept my interest. The general story idea, I'll agree with many of the reviewers who watched the adavanced screening who said it channels Firefly (veteran the previous war, town named after historic final battle) but there's also some Terra Nova there as well (newcomer to isolated settlement quickly becomes town sherriff). The plot is pretty straightforward and at times predictable, for example despite the build-up it was pretty damn obvious that the rich alien's son didn't kill the mining foreman's son.

Nolan and his daughter are pretty cool characters and their sarcastic attidudes often give them some of the best lines in the epsiode. Although Nolan is certainly in the Han Solo/Malcolm Reynolds mold of anti-hero. Helps out specifically to get a reward, then runs off only to turn around and help out in the final battle.

I'll definitely stick around to see how things play out. So far it certainly has potential.
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