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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

I'm still reading season 9, I just didn't feel a strong urge to come here to post, since it's been very lackluster the whole season. The latest Buffy issue, however, was the best one since... well, a very long time in any case. Perhaps the best since 9.01. Finally the season's plot seems to be shaping up... it only took them 4/5 of the season to get there! It's good to see them addressing the Twilight fiasco instead of tiptoeing around it and focusing on the smashing of the Seed instead. (Severin's lines about it felt almost like a 4th wall, the comic finally addressing what the fans have been saying.) I continue to be unimpressed with the bland way Buffy has been written by Chambliss, but at least Xander was written rather well.

Regarding Angel & Faith, I hope Gage never writes Spike again, because he writes him really badly. It's like he struggles with writing him, so he writes him as a caricature, exaggerating his smoking, drinking, British slang and shagging. I hated the way they used Harmony and reversed the little, but significant development her dynamic with Spike had in AtS season 5 (i.e. when Spike realized he had been an ass to her and stopped using her).

The Spike title was nicely written and drawn, much better than Spike on A&F was, but it seems to have been ultimately pointless, since the Spike we saw on A&F doesn't seem to have gotten any character development and has only regressed. The Willow title had more to do with the plot of the season, and had some developments for Willow, but I didn't like the pointless resurrection of yet another character from the show
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