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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x12 "The Royale"

Timo wrote: View Post
I think that's fair for the writers and the story
Yeah. One has to wonder how such creative writing would lead to the writer of the said episode to say...

Tracy Tormé wrote:
"I've completely disowned the piece. I suppose skeletally it's my story, but when I started to reread the rewrite, I got ten pages through it and I got sort of a cold chill and had to put it down. I felt like a lot of the comedy was taken out. A lot of the surrealism was taken out. I feel that it's very heavy-handed now, and it's gone from being a strange episode to being a stupid episode."
Tracy Tormé was so disappointed in how this episode turned out that he demanded his own name not be used in the credits, so now the episode is written by Keith Mills. Kind of an appropriate course of action when the name Keith Mills only has one writing credit.... ever.

And who do we have to thank for this re-write? I'll give you a hint. The worst of his Star Trek contributions this season is yet to come.
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