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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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Which is what I was afraid of, I only noticed the advertising a week before the show aired and have not played a game since 1980. Will the show fill in the blanks by actually showing us watching on Skiffy?
Naturally they're aware that the show and the game have different audiences, which is the whole reason for doing something multimedia like this in the first place, to draw in different audiences. So the show and the game are both designed to stand on their own and be comprehensible to their respective audiences. It's just that people who follow both will get some bonus information.

Here's an example of the kind of crossovers between the two: In the first act of the pilot episode, when the Spirit Riders take the cylindrical blue crystal that Nolan used to access the Terrasphere, Nolan says, "Do you know what I went through to get that?" That's a reference to the opening adventure in the game, where the player goes through a mission to retrieve that crystal and then has it stolen from them by Nolan at the end of the mission. But as far as the episode is concerned, it's just a throwaway line that has no significance to the story. And conversely, Nolan's involvement in the game mission is minimal: you glimpse him and Irisa at the start of your mission, then you're separated from them and carry out your mission solo, then they steal your loot at the end of the mission and disappear, heading off to do the stuff we saw in the pilot episode. So the connections between the show and the game are just Easter eggs, incidental nods that don't really affect the core story of either.

True, gamers have access to a lot of backstory that show viewers haven't gotten yet, but it's just backstory, and anything that's important to an episode will naturally be spelled out in the episode. However, if you want more backstory but don't want to play the game (like me), then you can always explore the show's official Syfy site. The online material is the third part of the "transmedia event." The site contains a lot of canonical background material about the show's universe, including articles from a Tumblr called Defiance News which features in-universe news coverage and other documents fleshing out the history that led up to the current state of affairs.
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