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Re: Robert Picardo -- Best Male Trek Actor Next to Stewart

In his review of Atonement, Ebert wrote:
Cecilia, as played by Knightley with stunning style, speaks rapidly in that upper-class accent that sounds like performance art. When I hear it, I despair that we Americans will ever approach such style with our words, which march out like baked potatoes.
He also had a quote about how Ian McKellen sounds as though he's got a natural echo chamber in his throat that magnifies and enriches his speech, but I can't find it at the moment.

It does seem to me that, as Ebert said, Britain has a much richer culture of speech, whereas we Yanks just say stuff. But since it occupies the semi-rarified realm of utopian sci-fi, Trek has a notable tradition of highlighting not only Stewart but also American actors whose voices just have a kind of je ne sais quoi, a melody to them. Billingsey and de Lancie have it. Brooks has it, and Dorn a bit also.

But, apart from maybe Martin Sheen, I can't, offhand, think of an American actor with a finer voice than Picardo's. It's got tremelo and music. It's really a wonder.

And he ain't a bad visual actor, neither.
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