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Re: Phaser Settings - When did they use one option over other?

That shouldn't be a major problem. Ron Tracey killed at least hundreds with just a single phaser and two, possibly three exhausted power packs. His method of killing left bodies, suggesting either a TNG type kill shot, a TOS type stun followed by Kohm knifework - or massive vaporization of thousands, leaving a few hundred Yangs panicking and easy prey for Kohm spears and swords.

Whichever the method, this sounds very much like widebeam or multitarget firing (since we have a somewhat clearer picture on what sort of an attack the Yangs would have mounted), and should easily cater for the stopping of any and all of the "massive" assaults seen in later Treks, as they only involve dozens of attackers at most.

Timo Saloniemi
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