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Re: The politics of the Prime Directive

establishing a full-fledged government instead of something provisional.
A provisional government is a strong sign of stability and progress, actually. If a government that took power right after the previous landlords left did not have the courage to call itself provisional (i.e. pending elections, we uphold the law, but then we're out), that'd be quite worrying...

Sorting it out by fighting would be a massive step back from having a government that considers itself provisional.

Which side should they have supported (keep in mind we tv viewers had more information than Starfleet)?
Since the threat was to stability, and the UFP was reasonably happy with the state of affairs from the first season, the obvious protege of the UFP would have been the standing government. Starfleet is known to have defended status quo in general (even if Kirk personally preferred radical revolution), so such a stance would come quite naturally for them. And the Circle had already made it clear it wanted Starfleet out, so it's not as if the UFP would have had a choice...

At least in the Klingon civil war there was an established relationship between the Federation and the legitimate Klingon government that went back several years.
...But the UFP might have been better off siding with the Duras sisters, who were known for their willingness to let outside superpowers have a say in the affairs of the Klingon Empire!

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