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Re: Would you trade Kira for Ro Laren? Or maybe put them both on DS9?

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I'm sure if Ro was casted for DS9, she'd have resigned from Starfleet and put on the Bajoran uniform the moment her people won their independence.
Totally agreed on that point. In fact, I would think the Federation would have insisted upon it to avoid a conflict of interest. Nevertheless, the writers could have used her ex-Starfleet status to play up the conflict with Kai Winn.

Ironically, I got the sense that Kira was less hostile to Starfleet than Ro was, even though she was a part of it. Ro had a pretty dark, bitter streak to her character, and she didn't seem to get along very well with most of the others in the Federation. They tried to do that with Kira but I never completely bought it.
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