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Re: STID: The ‘Other' Starship / [Spoiler]

Pictures and ship comparisons help.

Abrams ENT is larger than the ENT-E by about 40 meters since the number on the picture is 735 and not the official 725. The height of the ENT-E is 75 meters with memory alpha records Abrams ENT as 190.5 meters height.

While the Dreadnought does look badass. Has anyone else noticed the trend of the last three movies? The Enterprise fights up hill battles against black enemy ships which happen to be several times bigger than it?

Scimitar From NEM. Recorded to have 890 meters length 1350 width

The Narada From 09. With it's absurd length of 5 miles/9,368.7 meters.

And now John Harrison's ship. Which looks to be roughly the size of the Scimitar

Speaking of similarities. Has anyone else noticed that Shinzon, Nero and John Harrison all have a fashion taste in trench coats? While Shinzon's kind of a stylist thing for the Reman military. Does JJ seriously believe black trench coats are the fashion choice of villains in the 23rd century? Haha I jest, I jest.
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