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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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Voyager has replicators, including Industrial Replicators for Engineering and stuff. They should be able to absorb the raw energy from...virtually anything in space (Suns, Nebulae, random space radiation) to power the Replicators meaning it has just as much a "Healing Factor" as those Living Ships.
That makes perfect sense. Take matter, convert it to energy, replicate whatever. It would seem Voyager should be sustainable forever.

EXCEPT, at the beginning of the series they made a big deal about energy conservation because it was a nice plot device at the time. Any person with half a brain can figure out deuterium is heavy hydrogen and should be readily available or replicable, but they had to use it as a plot device. When the energy shortage wasn't convenient, they didn't even acknowledge it. The problem was consistency.
Exactly, they made a big deal out of things that didn't really make sense.

For example, they said they couldn't make more torpedoes.


Why couldn't they make more torpedoes? What was stopping them? They could replicate the casings, and they had an anti-matter reactor for the anti-matter in the torpedoes. So why bother saying they couldn't make more?

Other things, they just shouldn't been a bit more careful with. They shouldn't have destroyed and crashed shuttles so often. Nothing wrong with just having them land and some other plot device beyond "crash" keeping them from leaving.

Being on the move so often also constrained them. If they'd been in some region of space that messed up their long-range sensors or their warp drive so they couldn't move fast, then they can flesh out their surroundings better and give more stories about the locals.

Stuff like that.
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