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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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I don't think you do. If it's in her power to bring them back, she's ethically obliged to do so.
Then why didn't Janeway take Neelix's lungs back in Phage again? She gave a long winded speech about how humanity was above that sort of thing.
Thats another good point. Now that i think about it, this episode really bothers me. The writers really should have saved this one for a time when they wanted to "write neelix off the show" rather than a filler/fluffer episode since it really just further shows her double standards and inept leadership
Or they could have just assumed his lungs were now infected with the phage and unsuitable for transplant.

It bugged me that Janeway didn't take at least one of the lungs back. She let the Vidiians ride off into the sunset after a preachy lecture, as if that somehow settled things. But this was Season 1, I suppose the writers were still finding their feet. Still, it was an unsatisfying episode for me.
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