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Re: Does TOS Still Look Futuristic to You?

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TNG looked amazingly futuristic to me in 1990. Those reconfigurable touchscreen control panels were mind blowing. But fast-forward to 2013, and I'm writing this on my touchscreen Android phone. And compared to using the real deal and seeing touchscreens everywhere now, the unanimated and unrepsonsive nature of TNG's ones becomes very apparent. So I'd say TOS' almost cartoonish (by today's standards) bridge has aged better, and will continue to do so.
Yes, when you look at the Android and iOS cellphone interfaces, TNG looks seriously dated. The only exception might be some of the more elaborate computer displays that were specially created for certain episodes. But the standard LCARS look is rather overly simplistic. TOS does have a certain degree of minimalism for the controls, which helps it sidestep the aging a bit in that regard.

There was something about the camera work in TMP that helped make everything feel real and workable. It does feel more futuristic than what was delivered in TNG.
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