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Re: Neelix Feet! I cant look away!!

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Something I'm wondering about Kes & Neelix. Frow what we've seen Ocampans mate differetly from us and give birth out of their backs. So do they have the same ______ ?
Has the bbs been cropped recently, because I can't google any reference to headginas or earginas, but in either case she has two of them framing her pretty little face... Which would suggest that breeding, if not recreational sex has two male participants unless any single Ocampan bloke has two penises.

If she only just has a classically located vagina, then that means that the boys must have meter long penises to reach inbetween her shoulder blades through her body from the base of her crotch... Or Ocampans produce long life sperm. Sperm that may have to live as along as month, making it from one end of Kes' smoking little body to the other, which considering how sperm works, survival of the fittest, that an Ocampan could probably releases trillions more sperm per ejaculation than a human being, unless they can last for hours and never run out of ammunition.

Or the most simplest answer is that her vagina is between her shoulders and that's exactly where the penis goes in and out and in and out and in to make babies.
I'm gonna have to rewatch Elogium!
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