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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

Is royalty even allowed to drive?

Can you imagine Lizzy going to get her driving licence recertified?

A while back a plod tried to "fine" her, or remarked that she didn't have the balls to fine the the Queen of England for not wearing a set belt during the jaunt to state occasions because and I quote "A seat belt would ruin the line of her dress".

After the press got into an uproar, a second prepared statement was released "The crown cannot prosecute the crown" which if they followed that supposition it would be proof of bipolar psychosis...

If that's true, then although she does not have the powers of an absolute monarch, Elizabeth II does have all the powers of a corrupt police woman that she can verbally issue fines for infractions, be they ever so invented on the spot, and demand prompt and immediate payment.
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