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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for antimatter reactant injector.
B is for Better. Cumberbatch is this. At everything.
C is for Cunning linguists.
D is for Delphic Expanse. First it's there. Then it isn't.
E is for Epsilon 9.
F is for Ferengi ears. Large. Intricate. And a major erogenous zone.
G is for Garak, my fave Cardassian.
H is for Hot. Vulcan's deserts were hot, even for deserts.
I is for imzahdi. Betazoid for "banging buddy".
J is for Jadzia Dax.
K is for Klingon battle cruiser.
L is for Lazarus
M is for the Mellitus. Kirk once saw one.
N is for "No kill I".
O is for Odo.
P is for Perrin, second wife of Sarek. Or third, depending on if you believe Sybok's mother was his wife or just a mate/lover.
Q is for Quantum Slipstream Leap.
R is for Realities. Thousands of different quantum realities were once shown to simultaneously exist alongside one another.
S is for Spock's triangle.
T is for Tiburon, homeworld of both Zora and Dr. Sevrin.
U is for United Earth Space Probe Agency.
V is for Vandenberg Air Force Base in the United States on late 20th Century Earth.
W is for Worf.
X is for Xindi-Insectoids. Not quite as aggressive and prone to seek conflict as their Reptillian brethren, but damn close.
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