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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

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here's the legal definition

Here is the relevant part

So explain to me how it isn't kidnapping?

1. They had lawful authority (the UFP was the legal and recognized government of that territory)
The Ba'ku claim predates the existence of the federation by a century, and they never joined the federation. So no they don't have legal authority over the Ba'ku.

2. the objective wasn't nefarious
Their objective was to render the planet uninhabitable becuase they don't want to get old. Yeah kind of sounds like it is.

the Baku don't want to get old either, that's why they stayed there.

Still, none of this premise makes sense. The Son'a have as much right to the planet as the Baku-why didn't they just tell the UFP that they have a claim on the planet, and that THEY'RE fine with using the particle-collecting procedure?

Whatever, the premise falls apart if you think about it for one minute.

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