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Re: Dallas - Season 2

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Elena recruits her own army? Ch- Wait...what?
Up until now, she's been one of the more sympathetic characters on the show for me. But this just didn't make any sense at all. She's been spending most of the season riding her brother's ass about his poor decisions and then she goes and does this? All because of "evidence" given to her by Cliff Barnes? As they're fond of saying on the show, bullshit!

J.R. may well have done exactly what Cliff says he did, but now that he's dead.... why the hell doesn't Elena just show Bobby what's she's found? Why seek out Joaquin, a man who is probably not that different from Vicente, the
man who almost killed her a few episodes ago? Bullshit!

Other than this silliness which leaves Elena in danger of becoming as annoying a TV character as Andrea from "The Walking Dead," (Season 3... uh-huh...) I thought this was a solid finale. John Ross is definitely his father's son. I guessed correctly the resolutions to Christopher's search for his mother and to the identity of J.R.'s killer, but that final swerve caught me by surprise.

Don't drop the ball on this one, TNT! Give us at least one more season!

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