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Re: How come the TNG cast is the closest of all show casts?

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The VOY and ENT casts also talked shit about their writers. That had to be a BAD working environment. They should have been happy they had jobs in the first place.
I think for some people it goes to their head a little and they get a bit too entitled, and don't appreciate it as much. I'm not saying this how everyone is, but there are probably one or two who are like that.
I can understand that, for an actor, to be saddled with what you find is bad writing and bad characterization must be incredibly frustrating, especially if you're under contract.

Yeah, it's an amazing opportunity to have a Star Trek gig, but if your character constantly gets sidelined or only given a few throwaway lines every episode, I can understand where bitterness would take route.

Not that it is any better to become a prat about it and whine at every opportunity, but sometimes "just being grateful you have a job" doesn't really cover it.
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