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Re: Game of Thrones 3.3 - "Walk of Punishment" - Rate and discuss

A very good episode. I voted above average in anticipation of even better episodes to come. There were some brutal moments, but alongside them was the most humor we've yet seen in an episode of GoT. The choice of music over the end credits was a final punctation of that juxtaposition.

In the first season they had to minimize scenes involving horses because of budgetary contraints, but here we had a well-realized horseback chase scene. The budget increase is noticeable in the production values this season.

Hot Pie's farewell to Arya and Gendry was sweet. Arya asking the Hound if he remembered what happened the last time they were at that inn was a good callback to the first season (it's where he killed Arya's friend after the incident with Joffrey).

I didn't mind the scene with Podrick, but the Stannis/Mel scene made me cringe. The Blackfish rocked and I'm enjoying Dany being quietly confident and assertive.

By the way, this season set a new series high in the ratings: the first airing drew 4.724 million viewers.
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