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Re: The Voice 4

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Song rights have to be cleared from the get go otherwise they can't even perform it, because if they win they record their own version for sale on iTunes.

So they went through six battle rounds in two hours. Six. Either they're gonna run battle rounds for the next four weeks or some of these performers will be victims of the montage.

Also, both contestants who were montaged in the blind auditions that they showed tonight got the boot. I wonder if that might become a trend.

Not sure it was a good idea to show both of Shakira's steals on the first night. Unless the rest of the steals were that anticlimactic.
I may be mistaken, but I'm under the impression that broadcast rights are different from performing rights are different from cover rights. The first being far more tightly controlled(though I'm not sure exactly how it applies when the broadcast is of a cover) and the latter two being considerably more lax in the name of artistic freedom. If true, cutting down the performance to 15 seconds or less would free them from needing broadcast rights. This is all stuff I've gathered mostly from hearsay though so, again, I may well be mistaken.
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