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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for antimatter reactant injector.
B is for Better. Cumberbatch is this. At everything.
C is for Cunning linguists.
D is for Delphic Expanse. First it's there. Then it isn't.
E is for Epsilon 9.
F is for Ferengi ears. Large. Intricate. And a major erogenous zone.
G is for Garak, my fave Cardassian.
H is for Hot. Vulcan's deserts were hot, even for deserts.
I is for imzahdi. Betazoid for "banging buddy".
J is for Jadzia Dax.
K is for Klingon battle cruiser.
L is for Lazarus
M is for the Mellitus. Kirk once saw one.
N is for "No kill I".
O is for Odo.
P is for Perrin, second wife of Sarek. Or third, depending on if you believe Sybok's mother was his wife or just a mate/lover.
Q is for Quantum Slipstream Leap.
R is for Realities. Thousands of different quantum realities were once shown to simultaneously exist alongside one another.
S is for Spock's triangle.
T is for Tiburon, homeworld of both Zora and Dr. Sevrin.
On Halloween Night the Great Temporal Pumpkin rises out of his chroniton patch and flies through space with his bag of new timelines for all the children.

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