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Re: why is there no more talk of a new star trek tv series?

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Was ENT a failure, yes or no? The why doesn't matter right now. Berman is gone. I do think it is a perennial but not one that I'm interested in with JJ in control. I wasn't too interested in it with Berman in control. I don't think their syndication value will be as high as TOS especially as time goes by. ENT has already been attached to Trek 09 as some kind of alternate universe history which I have no interest in.
Enterprise was able to get it's fans to raise a million dollars (pre-Kickstarter!) to bring it back for a fifth season before the fans gave up trying to get it back. Besides Veronica Mars, what other show had that much support from its fans? Please tell me that.

We know that you hate it but at the same time, a lot of people still love it-many of who were not denizens of this board or involved in daily bashing of it. Many more still love this show to this day, and many more even think that it's better than the 2009 movie. Against all of that, what do you, as a person who hates Enterprise, think of that?
The $1m was mainly from one or two wealthy fans. It did not reflect a large number of fans. And the fact is Paramount didn't care. It didn't say, "wow fans really like this show, we were wrong, let's bring it back." They let the show stay cancelled and sat on the franchise until they asked JJ to make a movie. And since ENT was cancelled, the market for a space opera on broadcast tv has gotten even worse. You can't just say "fans loved ENT, so CBS needs to make a new show." You need to show how CBS can expect to make money on a Star Trek show. Let's see what SyFy does with their slate of space operas, and what Disney decides to do with Star Wars on TV. If they have a success, then maybe CBS will consider what it can do with Star Trek. Until then, you're just a fan whining on a message board.
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