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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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Finally made my way through all of Reign of Terror. Ugh. It was a stinker, in my opinion. They spent six episodes with some variation of "Companion gets captured and stuck in a jail cell. Companion is released/escapes. Companion gets captured and stuck in a jail cell again. Rine and repeat." I did one episode per day, and I think if I had tried two, it really would have been too much. I just did not enjoy this story.

Others in the same era - Planet of Giants, Sensorites, Aztecs, Dalek Invasion, I don't remember having that problem.
I've mellowed to Reign of Terror recently, but aside from Keys of Marinus it's the only 1st season story that I can't feel enthusiatic about: yes, even Sensorites and the caveman stuff, both of which work as drama, if not always as Doctor Who as we later knew it.
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