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I unlocked the Turian Saboteur Engineer the other day and I was rather surprised I was the top scorer in every match I played. You'd think relying almost exclusively on sentry turret and sabotage wouldn't accomplish that, and yet...

Can't wait to reach ME3 on my current single player engineer. The first time I took an engineer through ME3 I guess I didn't realize you could hack Cerberus turrets and even atlases. Going to do insanity for the first time (previously did ME2 insanity on another engineer) so I can take full advantage of my sentry turret, drones, and hacking. Stuff dies too fast on normal for those to ever be of any use. Finished ME3 on my vanguard the other day and while you kill stuff ridiculously fast, man is it ever boring. Charge-nova-charge-nova-charge-nova zzzzzzz.
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