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Re: Animated nuTrek concept art

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That, and people who've see all of it (not just some-check out the whole movie) feel that it's a better story the the 2009 movie or the upcoming one.
Anyone who thinks that is no one whose taste or opinion I would respect.
You don't have to respect them (I sure as frack don't) but you do have to acknowledge and tolerate them, just as I have to. That said, although I don't agree with them about the 2009 movie, I do share their love (if they know about it) of Star Trek: Aurora, and hope that its style becomes the style of a future Star Trek show, rather than just slavishly imitating Star Wars: The Clone Wars or Green Lantern: The Animated Series.

BTW, there are realistic style CGI cartoons with the art of Star Trek: Aurora that have aired already, and were somewhat successful:

After looking at all of that, can you all then tell me that a Star Trek cartoon animated like that wouldn't be successful?
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