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Re: The ENT and Melakon

1:17 - Fusion

TV Blurb: Vulcans with their own methods of balancing emotion with logic visit Enterprise, and one tries to get T'Pol to open her mind. Teleplay by Phyllis Strong & Mike Sussman; Story by Rick Berman & Brannon Braga. Directed by Rob Hedden.

The series continues to remind us not all Vulcans are from Spock's mold, with three different personalities. Captain Tavin (Robert Pine), seems easy going, willing to try new experiences, and comes off as likeable. Engineer Kov (John Harrington Bland) is a friendly, technically focused type who gets along well with Trip.

The third Vulcan, Tolaris (Enrique Murciano), is the random element. I'm not sure what his job was on the Vulcan ship, but he seemed inordinately pleased with himself throughout. And I didn't like him from first setting eyes on him. I have to give actor Murciano credit, because I even found the many angles of Tolaris simply taking a bite of food irritating. He introduces T'Pol to the mind meld, which plays like a rape scene and is treated as such by Archer.

I liked the fight scene in Archer's ready room, and wish we'd seen more evidence of Vulcans' superior strength. T'Pol going gangbusters on someone would have been great.

I'm puzzled as to why John Harrington Bland wasn't given billing with the other guest actors, as his character figures more prominently in the plot than Pine's.

The blooper reel appears to have an outtake of the episode's final scene, when Scott Bakula intentionally makes an entrance Jolene Blalock isn't expecting.

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