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Re: Best female Star Trek Cast?

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The answer should actually be a no-brainer and a resounding Yes.

Seven of Nine -- despite, not because of, the catsuit -- was easily the best-acted female Star Trek regular ever. Jeri Ryan put 110% into that role week in and week out...amazing performance.

B'Ellana was an underrated character, IMO, and was definitely on par with Kira from DS9 (which I consider a good thing) and better than the TNG ladies IMO. The writers did some interesting stuff with her and had she not been overshadowed by Janeway and Seven she would have been considered one of the most prominent females of the franchise.

Janeway was in a prominent position, of course. She can be polarizing but I like her an think that her critics overstate their objections. I also think she was the first captain since Kirk to look like they were really enjoying themselves. Picard and Sisko were great but were usually pretty earnest, while Janeway brought back some of the swashbuckling, impulsive, and fun qualities that Kirk took to the show. And she wasn't above joking around with her fellow crewmates -- enjoyed watching them poke fun at each other from time to time.

Kes -- about the same level as Crusher/Troi IMO, which still is quite good. She had a few great episodes like Warlord and Before/After but was the most clear-cut "side character" on the show. Had they developed her more and kept her on longer I think she would have had some great episodes. Jennifer Lien did a very good job with what she was given and like Sulu (another underutilized character) has a very rich, full, classic-sounding "radio announcer" kind of voice which gives her some extra charm. Lien should have done books on tape instead of going the nutritionist route...

You forgot to mention 2 prominent women from ST: Voyager.

Seska... an excellent traitor and villian who even managed to come back once in season 3 and season 7, years after she died.


of course...


The BORG Queen.

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