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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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So is lithium crystals, anti-matter destroying the universe, being able to create two people of the same mass out of one person, being able to merge two being into one that has equal mass of the two and so on...

Just because it's canon doesn't mean it makes sense.
"The Enemy Within" presents a very similar situation, but I never see anyone arguing that Evil Kirk has a right to live. Except Evil Kirk's objections: "I wanna live!"
Yeah. I brought that up earlier in the thread but it doesn't fit anyone's pro-Tuvix arguments so it got ignored.

Read everything and try again.

But to sum it up EvilKirk was DYING, as in he was already going to die, Tuvix was not.

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Yes but how many transporter accidents result in the creation of a new lifeform?
Meh. There's usually some new twist. It's still just a transporter accident, not anything worth tossing out years of canon over.

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accepted as canon that mid-transport accidents result in the victim being held in a sort of stasis?
Does that look like stasis to you? Becuase that sure as hell looks like horrible death to me.
Actually, most of that clip showed people in stasis. So, yes, it looked like stasis to me. Notice how the crew didn't immediately assume their crewmates were dead when the transporter began to fail. They worked up until the last moment and only stopped when they were faced with mutilated corpses.
That wasn't stasis that was them trying to reintegrate them when they couldn't stop the beaming process or reverse it and you noticed they didn't try to feed what materialized on earth back through the transporter to get Sonak and the other person back.

Putting someone is stasis is sticking them in the pattern buffer until you re-materialize them.
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