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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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My position has always been that Janeway has an obligation to the lives of her crew, and to do what's best for the ship. It's not a question of whether it's "right" based on human rights moralities, but whether it's to the benefit of the ship.
Disclosure: I have never been a parent, so this undoubtedly affects how I view the issue.
A fellow named Hitler used a similar argument towards his obligations to Germany.
At the end of the day, setting 70,000 light-years from the Alpha Quadrant, it's a simple numbers game. Unless we're going to make Tuvix work sixteen hours a day in both security and in the kitchen, two people are simply better to help Voyager attain its goal of getting home.

In the AQ, it's a different ballgame.
Sorry, but playing god with people's lives is not "simple numbers game" or a game at all, and it's either right or wrong. Where they are is inconsequential.
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