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That's something some people don't understand. They think it's the same animal.
This is the reason for many of my arrghs, and to be honest I think it's fucked me up a little bit, psychologically.
I understand.

As for the pharmacy issue, what's not being covered for you?
Birth control. It's not as bad as when they won't give me insulin or test strips (obviously), it's just that it's happened so often and with truly life or death medications/supplies that I have no patience even for this.

I was also really excited about getting this birth control. I've never taken any just because, with diabetes, it's a bit riskier, but my periods have really started to mess up my blood sugars, have become increasingly irregular, cause asthma (it's the only time I ever actually get asthma), and I've started getting pretty ill for several days leading up. Everything's been checked out to make sure nothing's wrong, but it's started to really negatively impact my life and my health -- not only because the hormones directly mess up my blood sugar, but because being ill affects my ability to exercise and eat properly, which then in turn affects my diabetes as well. I finally got clearance from all my doctors to start on a low dose seasonal birth control, to reduce the symptoms and make it so I have only 4 periods a year, and I was practically giddy with excitement about getting it. Then they fucked it up.

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