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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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As a former resident of STL and a structural design engineer, I was glad to see that the in-show version of the arch is still mostly intact. The art that's been shown in the ads and such show a version of the arch that has a gap near the top. Knowing how it was actually built, I can tell you that it would not remain standing if there were any gaps. I couldn't see the portholes at the top, though.

Hmm.... in the middle writing this^, I found this:
“The kind of arch it is, if you take a big chunk out at 2 o’clock, it will fall down,” Murphy says, not quite coming up with the word “catenary.” “The plating was ripped off during a Voton attack. The Arch miraculously didn’t come down. It held together for a reason that is part of the show’s mythology, but we won’t find out why the Arch didn’t fall until much later.”
Rafe McCawley (Graham Greene), “the richest guy in town, is a St. Louis native, and he wanted to repair the Arch,” Murphy explains. “The inner skeleton was beginning to show, and he worried that it was going to fall.”
McCawley’s own engineers tried everything they knew, “but it didn’t work, and the Arch was going to come down like the Leaning Tower of Pisa,” Murphy says, enjoying his story. The mayor — Amanda Rosewater, played by Julie Benz — “said we have to go to the Votons for help if we’re going to save the Arch.”
That actually interests me a bit more.
So there's a reason why the Arch is still standing, but they're not telling yet.
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