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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

The pilot was ok, I'll watch the next episode. It started out very cliched, and the main characters were acting like idiots (going into a crashed ship to salvage was such an obvious set up for some kind of raider attack I was almost yelling at them through the TV) but it got better near the end. Some of the CG was definately done on the cheap, and the Indogene kind of bad (you could see the shape of the actor's ears covered by the makeup, with a small hole cut in the middle of the ear that made the whole thing look more like you are seeing a person in makeup than an alien, they were easily the worst of the non cgi aliens appearance wise). I also don't like the alien/human "romance" thing with the kids. Its cliche, and not very well done in this case. Having the boy's dad be undeniably evil was weird. You'd think they would atleast try to make you think he was an ass who could be redeemed maybe, instead of going completely with the parents being completely evil. Also, the guy and his daughter wandering into town after an accident and the guy eventually becoming Sheriff reminds me of Eureka (which I really liked) but its not as interesting in this, since its been done better and more interesting before. Still, I'll give it another episode or two.
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