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The Week I loved Legacy! [Skirmish]

So yeah, we all know that Legacy is pretty weak for a Trek ship/ship combat offering for many reasons discussed years ago but I wanted to share with you all this story:

Last year in the summer I came home from a house party, pretty wasted and I put in the disc out of sheer boredom or perhaps even a mistake... and after playing 15 minutes of the first level only to die and get restarted and realizing I didn't want to "enjoy" that monotonous experience ever again, I selected skirmish mode and tried that a few times.

And boy, I was glad that I did. This easily forgettable mode allowed me to recreate all the battles that I wanted to play. I made a Kobayoshi Maru scenario (complete with freighter I couldn't rescue) re-enacted some badass DS9 fights and nearly all the TNG scenarios.

Then I went terribly hard at TOS scenarios. A lot of D7's vs a lot of Constitution class with some old school Rommies thrown in there.

Although it can be said the payout of the buttons is poor (Xbox) there's something to the battles being only 3-5 minutes long. The story mode is ridiculous for not having checkpoints and IMHO it makes the game unplayable.

I don't have a lot of time to sink into games and so any narrative-heavy games (which seem rampant on consoles) are only worth my time with a checkpoint system.

But for nearly a week I was loving this game and I got pretty good at it, too.

Give it another try on a rainy day and you'll see that the skirmish mode is easily the difference between the disc being a coaster or not.

My only complaint is that a "replay" button at the end of the skirmish mode would have worked wonders. It takes about a minute to set up a dream battle but once set up you can only play it once and then you have to input everything all over again. Starfleet Command had it. The idea is that you'd set up a challenging scenario and play it until you can win.

Anyone else have a short, shallow fling with Legacy?
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