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Re: Official TrekBBS Fantasy Baseball thread!

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Reminder for the standard Keeper league: you gotta try and keep on top of your team. I think we've currently got 2 dead teams (Coaster and Crane Mutiny), and will be trying to replace them soon if no action is taken. Got a couple others that are questionable.

Not asking for crazy action, but please move your DL players to, well, the DL, and try either daily or weekly to set your rosters and pitching to play your guys.
Funny that Crane Mutiny is 1st in the NL (and Coaster is 3rd in the AL) despite not making any moves.

I wish I could borrow some of their DL spots- I was up to five of my players on the DL and ended up having to drop a few because I didn't want to tie up the spots on my roster.
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