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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

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The shooting Data bit for finding the holoship is a bit ambiguous as we never actually saw the events that occurred. If I had to guess it was because Data declared he was going to reveal it to everyone and compromise the whole operation.
Yeah becuase kidnapping people in their sleep is so noble

relocating, not kidnapping
here's the legal definition

Here is the relevant part

Generally, kidnapping occurs when a person, without lawful authority, physically asports (i.e., moves) another person without that other person's consent, with the intent to use the abduction in connection with some other nefarious objective. Under the Model Penal Code (a set of exemplary criminal rules fashioned by the American Law Institute), kidnapping occurs when any person is unlawfully and non-consensually asported and held for certain purposes. These purposes include gaining a ransom or reward; facilitating the commission of a felony or a flight after the commission of a felony; terrorizing or inflicting bodily injury on the victim or a third person; and interfering with a governmental or political function (Model Penal Code 212.1).
So explain to me how it isn't kidnapping?
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