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Sega Classic 'Castle of Illusion' (1990) Remake for Summer

A remake not a remaster.

Originally released in 1990, 'Castle of Illusion' is an early Sega Genesis platformer, wherein Mickey Mouse seeks to save Minnie Mouse from the clutches of Mizrabel. The scope of the new version includes all new visuals and remade audio. Unlike 'DuckTales,' the 'Castle of Illusion' remake appears to have incorporated serious changes to the gameplay, even while invoking the style of the original game.
The original game spawned a series of sequels including 'World of Illusion,' which is preferred by some fans. If critical and commercial reception is good for 'Castle of Illusion' and 'DuckTales,' the possibility remains that Disney may contract remakes of other 'Illusion' games among the various twenty year-old Disney platformers.
The Sega Genesis classic 'Castle of Illusion' is being remade and is expected to be released for PSN, XBLA and Steam this summer.
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