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Re: arrrgh!!!!!!!!

Yay hugs Thank you.

Yeah, my ipod works wonders. The only problem being i have to be relatively paying attention to everything just in case they need me somewhere else. But some days i don't care just how much i am ignoring someone i need to zone out the drama. I am just glad that i am relatively close with my bosses so i can *try* to bring some of these issues to them. It isn't always 100% foolproof but they can kind of poke at the lazy people and be extra annoying if i mention something.

I think part of the problem as well is that people keep quitting and they aren't filling positions like they should so more just keeps getting piled on those of us who do work. So all in all the whole situation just gets really frustrating. We'll see what happens, either way i'm going to keep handing out resumes until I get something a bit better.
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