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Re: Was moving 'The Next Generation' over to movies a bad decision?

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Was moving TNG to the big screen a bad decision?

I would say no, but I do think that the move was rushed, especially in the case of Star Trek Generations - review here:

I'd also contend that ST:TNG never really had a proper movie on the big screen! TNG was an ensemble peice, unlike TOS, which had the big 3 characters. I think that it needed a writer and director that appreciated this - someone like Jos Whedon, whose Serenity movie and Avengers film both catered for the ensemble casts.

a "proper movie?"

FC was very well-reviewed, did very well at the box office, was well-received by fans, remains popular, and did the best job of giving all the characters something to do.(except perhaps Bev again, sadly)

what exactly is your definition of a proper movie?
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