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Re: Uh-Oh!! Is Microsoft setting up to answer Sony?

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The only positive I can see from the developer side is that programming the system is easier, in that you can always assume the system is online and never have to worry about putting in code to handle an "offline" mode. If your game never goes online, then no harm, no foul--you can just ignore the online functionality. But if you have a game with both online and offline features, an always-online system makes it very easy to handle.
OK stop shooting holes in my previous rant. lol

Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
That said, I am not at all a fan of sacrificing user convenience and usability for the sake of making programmers' jobs easier--and I am one!
Great i have been looking for one of you programmers for ages now, ok i want you to make me a Dr who game, i want it to being a mix of FPS and Portal 2 type puzzles game, i want a fully working Tardis and it must able to take me to any time period past and present that i desire, but also anywhere in time and space, i want no restrictions on where i can go in the tarids, if i die instead of losing a life i regenerate, and like borderland i can have up to 3 other compainions with me, be they ai or real people in coop.

I also want a entire universe filled to the brim with unlimited stories and lifeforms, i never want to see the same planet twice when i leave the tardis, i want everything that has ever been in the Who universe in it and i want it all for 19.99 with free DLC every month.(Although if its ok i will wait till its on sale) .

Now as a programmer i think you will agree i am not asking for much, so how long till its ready and can i be in the beta for having the idea.

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