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Re: Game of Thrones 3.3 - "Walk of Punishment" - Rate and discuss

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If it was Hoat, I'm curious why they got rid of his signature lisp.
It'd be too silly in live action. Elmer Fudd cutting off Jamie's hand wouldn't have the same impact.
Oh, I dunno. I experienced the books via audio CD. All the voices were done differently (and brilliantly) by Roy Dotrice (who, incidentally, played the Pyromancer who gave Tyrion the wildfire last season). I even think the production of the first book got some award for the most voices/accents done by one person in a single audio book. Anyways, he did the lisp for Hoat so well, it was damn creepy. Here you have a guy you couldn't possibly take seriously listening to him and he goes and chops of Jaime's hand without a second thought with the swiftest of brutality. Personally, I think it would have been more powerful that way. I understand why the decision was made for production purposes, but I still wish it was Hoat. They probably didn't want to insult people with speech impediments or something...
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