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Re: Was moving 'The Next Generation' over to movies a bad decision?

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I'd also contend that ST:TNG never really had a proper movie on the big screen! TNG was an ensemble peice, unlike TOS, which had the big 3 characters. I think that it needed a writer and director that appreciated this - someone like Jos Whedon, whose Serenity movie and Avengers film both catered for the ensemble casts.
While I agree, the problem is that Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner would have never agreed to the films being ensemble pieces like the series was. For that matter, neither would Paramount. By the time of the films, they were considered "the big stars" and, as such, they got the major plotlines and also a lot of input into the stories. Which hurt the stories, IMHO.

First Contact did the best job of the four films, IMHO, at utilizing the ensemble, but even that was a bit too much of the Picard and Data show for my tastes.

Paramount forgot what it was that made TNG successful when they moved it to the big screen. Unfortunately, that is fairly standard for Hollywood.
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