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Re: The Roddenberry Reputation

By coincidence, I was going to make a thread like this over in General Discussion entitled "Have we finally got over the demonisation of Roddenberry?"

I agree with most of what the OP said; for years Roddenberry was built up as the "Great Bird", a visionary etc. Yes, it was way off base.

However, in the last couple of decades we've had nothing but people slagging him off, saying some pretty shameful - and accusatory - things (rapist!? Really??). It's disturbing that so much of this has only been said when the guy can't defend himself.

Even in this thread there's so much theory and assumption being passed off as fact.

He was a flawed human being that often did questionable and objectionable things; he cheated on both wives, took credit for other people's work etc. But it riles me when people seem to ignore or intentionally disregard the contribution he made to Trek. It was MORE than "just the initial idea"; By all means let's burst the myth and acknowledge others' contributions, but I just feel the demonisation of Roddenberry has become something ludicrous within fandom.
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