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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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I just found it odd that she looked barely older than the love interest for her son.
Maybe that's because she plays Ma Kent in scenes that presumably take place about 20 years before Clark first meets Lois Lane?
Could be. I was under impression that Ma and Pa were in the scenes in the present as well.
Assuming this movie isn't jumping on the their dead by that point bandwagon.

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This picture made me think I went into the Thor 2 thread by mistake.
I find it weird when all these so-called advanced civilisations sport metal suits or armour that we (humans) abandoned [pretty much] hundreds of years ago.
Its better than so-called advanced civilizations sporting leather armor, and mostly using sharp knives and bladed weapons in a world were everyone has ray guns and seemingly are afraid of bathing
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