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Re: Poll: 7x08 Cold War review and discussion

Emh wrote: View Post
Wonderful episode! David Warner, Liam Cunningham, submarine adventure, the return of the Ice Warriors and a very wet Clara. Can't ask for much more than that.

Loved all of the small references to The Second Doctor and I hope there are more to come. While I didn't initially like the whole "escape from the armor" bit, it did grow on me and it's a nice update to the Ice Warriors. The only two things I didn't like about this episode was that it was a few minutes shorter than usual and there wasn't nearly enough David Warner. Maybe he was too busy being awesome villain to Tom Baker's The Fourth Doctor in the current season of Big Finish audios.

Wereghost wrote: View Post
Did anyone take note when the Ice Warrior mentioned the "old times" and it seemed to put the Doctor almost off-kilter? It took me back to Lady Peinforte's conversation with the Doctor in the 25th anniversary story Silver Nemesis, which I think is being added to the iPlayer catalogue today. In that story Peinforte referred to the "Old Time" on Gallifrey, a time of chaos, and raised what we now think of as the First Question. Could be nothing, of course.
Actually, I thought more along the lines of Big Finish's The Judgement of Isskar.

Lonemagpie wrote: View Post
I can actually nitpick the sets and militaria to quite a degree this week, though - I've been aboard a cold war era former Soviet sub, and they're nothing like that bloody spacious (I know, a production necessity), nor do they have smooth floors, refer to the control room as the bridge, nor have FN Browning Hi-Powers as the crew's sidearms. Though it's nice to see the AKs (or more likely Norinco copies) actually used in the correct period, rather than the year five billion for a change...
All those nitpicks aside (all valid but, in the end, don't really matter), the only thing that bothered me was when Captain Zhukov called the bulkheads "a wall." As a sailor, I couldn't help but be bugged by that.

Starkers wrote: View Post
Best Gatiss script ever? Could be...
Best Doctor Who Gatiss script? Absolutely. Best Gatiss script period? No. I would say either Poirot's "Hallowe'en Party" or Sherlock's "The Great Game" were better, although they're both adaptations.
Sorry I did mean his best Who script, it's always annoyed me somewhat that he's written so many sub par Who eps when I know he can write good stuff!
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