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Re: Boston members are you all OK?

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Just curious, how far is Fenway from where the explosions happened. I thought Fenway was kind of on the outskirts of town, but I haven't been to Boston in years.
3/4 of a mile, maybe? 2 T (subway) stops away. And we're talking green line stops, where you can usually see a couple stops from street level at any point.

And no, Fenway is right in the middle of the city. Slightly out if you have to walk from Faneuil Hall or someething, but pretty much right there. Check it out on the map. Follow I-90 west on the south side of the Charles river, just past Copley Square where this happened, you'll see Kenmore and Fenway.

Before the current owners bought it, they talked about moving the Sox outside the city a bit, onto some waterfront area in Southie. Didn't go through, obviously...
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