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Re: arrrgh!!!!!!!!

have you tried putting the laptop face down and shaking it out, carefully? Or cleaning it with a vac? There might be a few morsels stuck between or under the keys.
Enjoy your week of disappearance!

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[...] I'm depressed as hell and missing my friend Bryan a bit more today than i am normally. [...] I do not have the patience to work my 3-4 jobs i have normally, plus take on the work load taken on because of every one slacking. Plus, i am surrounded by a bunch of gossipy whiny women who don't stop talking

I need a raise...or a new job...or both.
Anti-depression remedy: {{{{{{{Ashu}}}}}}} (a hug a day keeps the psychatrist away )

As for the work load: I think it might be time you had a word with your boss or with the workers association about your co-workers. You could perhaps even use the gossip in your favour by discrediting the lazy co-workers so much that the bosses hear about it. (But it takes a lot of diplomatic skill to manipulate people to such a degree without getting exposed as the origin of that manipulation.)

For first aid against talkative surroundings I recommend a walkman or a little mp3 player. I have loaded mine with a few audio books and with interviews and audio blogs from my favourite actor. It's a pleasant and calming way to blank out the chatter.
a hug a day keeps the psychiatrist away
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