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Re: Boston members are you all OK?

Thanks for starting this thread, Jim. And thanks for all Bostonians for checking in. Sometimes it is good to not be a sporty person.

I really ask myself how someone can be such an idiot as to blow up spectators at a sports event.
I mean, if people are not content with the government or with the system in general, they are free anytime to found their own party and get elected so that they can alter things. I can also to a degree sympathize with people who assassinate bad politicians (Stauffenberg vs Hitler, for example, though S tried it really in a quite foolish way). But what I completely fail to understand is how someone can even think of killing harmless everyday citizens. Those people are important, politically, as they are potential voters and supporters. Killing them does not at all help any political movement (except, of course, the weapons lobby). Quite the contrary. It's political suicide and utterly stupid, from a strategical point of view.
Plus: ethically it's so low, mean and disgusting that a word for it has yet to be invented.

I know it's pretty presumptuous but if I may venture to give some advice to the Bostonians: Celebrate the next 15th April just as usual. Have a party and a marathon and enjoy yourselves. Nothing will hurt these morons more than being ignored.
If you freak out and keep telling to yourselves how traumatized you are (like NY and the US government after the Twin Towers incident - no offense meant to the NY members of this board!), you hand them victory on a silver platter. Don't be such an easy prey!
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