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Visiting San Francisco

So next week I'm visiting San Francisco for a week from sunny Oz . My other half has a work thing but I'm free to do as much sightseeing and hopefully shopping as I can We are staying in Berkeley.

I have been before in 1996, so imagine some stuff has changed quite a bit. We're not doing Alcatraz... I did it in 96. I am toying with a bay Cruise of some sort but my main priority is to walk across the bridge as I didn't do that last time round.

Also (nerd alert... but hey, I'm on TrekBBS!) I'm planning on Catching the Caltrain to Sunnyvale and the 55 Bus to 1 Infinite Loop so I can get a Selfie in front of Apple Headquarters (and also pickup some souvenirs at the Company Store, which is a bit different to the other stores). I might stop along the way at some shopping centres/malls.

I know it sounds lame but I'd like to go to Walmart cause we don't have it here Trying to work out which one is easiest to get to.

Any advice/ideas for stuff to do/places to eat? Other half is a vegetarian. I'm guessing in SF we will have zero problems finding good vegetarian food.

I'd prefer off the beaten track stuff to do... yeah sure I'll see the major sights but I figure that won't take that long. A few "local only" things to see and do would be great

And of course I'll visit the Castro to check out the local Talent

With the sad news in Boston this morning I was concerned for a while but after thinking for a while I don't think anyone should stop what they are doing because of events like that. I reckon the best way to support the US after something like that is to visit and spend money and that's what I'm going to do!
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